Sunday, March 25, 2012

There is a place that I love to be. 
This place is my hiding place. 
It is the palm of One who loves deep and wide. 

At first thought, a hiding place is dark and quiet and small. 
But if God is light. 
And He is. 

Then His hiding place must be light filled. 
It must be spacious. 
It is a safe place filled with the light of His presence. 

Hiding from something is a fear filled response, but when we hide in the One who is creator and a star breather we are surrounded by His songs of joy and deliverance. 

My hiding place. 
It's not a secret. 
The name above every name. 

My light-filled, 
protected place. 

His palm. 

There I rest, not cowering in the darkness, but rejoicing in 
His Light. 

Bravo, God!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You're Already Amazing Review


Words can change a life. 

Words can impact a society. 

Words can bind up heart wounds. 

The Word of Life is, of course, whose words are most powerful, but amazingly He will use frail human hearts to bend minds and heal hearts and this is the case with this amazing book, You're Already Amazing, by Holley Gerth. 

This book is like sitting down with a close friend over a cup of smooth coffee and peeling back layers of lies that surround this heart. At times the words slice, but not in a painful sort of way, but in a freeing sort of way. At times the words inspire--inspire me to courage to finally embrace the Truth. But always, the words point me to the one who is the Giver of Truth. 

You're Already Amazing's focus is about embracing who I am and becoming all God created me to be and instead of listing things I should change and do more or be more, I am presented with tools to help understand and make me more aware of how God created me so that I can fulfill His purpose for me. 

There is chapter that deals with common lies women believe, and the truths that set us free. This chapter is so appropriate because before I can live the out God's purposes for me fully, I must relinquish my belief in lies that prevent me from walking in freely in God's truth. The challenge posed is to continue to believe the truth when emotions are screaming otherwise.  

Another favorite section of the book talks about possessing the Promise, guarding the Promise and celebrating the Promise. I believe God leads us to the promised land and then he waits for us to embrace the promise. it's a wonderful dance between me and the Father. 

He leads, I choose, He enables.

It's a beautiful dance and You're Already Amazing by Holley Gerth helps make the steps a little more clearer. This is one book every woman who has ever looked in the mirror and frowned at herself needs to read and let the truth that you are amazing sink deep within the secret places of the heart. 

I highly recommend this book and want to thank (in)courage and Revell publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book and for Holley Gerth, who is a woman  I want to know and call friend!

Bravo, God! for words that heal and inspire and call me to courage!
Bravo, for words that enable me to see through a glass dimly to the truth of light on the other side!