Sunday, March 25, 2012

There is a place that I love to be. 
This place is my hiding place. 
It is the palm of One who loves deep and wide. 

At first thought, a hiding place is dark and quiet and small. 
But if God is light. 
And He is. 

Then His hiding place must be light filled. 
It must be spacious. 
It is a safe place filled with the light of His presence. 

Hiding from something is a fear filled response, but when we hide in the One who is creator and a star breather we are surrounded by His songs of joy and deliverance. 

My hiding place. 
It's not a secret. 
The name above every name. 

My light-filled, 
protected place. 

His palm. 

There I rest, not cowering in the darkness, but rejoicing in 
His Light. 

Bravo, God!


  1. Yes, and He covers us with His wings and we nestle close, safe. Thanks for sharing, Jess.

  2. yes, those wings--so special! Thanks for visiting!