Meet Me

I am just a woman, standing at the crossroads. Christ is beckoning me onward, will I go forward with Christ or stay where I am? Is this life about me or about Him?

This one life He's given me....well, I haven't always lived it well. At times, I lived solely for me. I can be rude, and snappish. I can be selfish -oh how I can be-. I want my way more than I want your way.  I am addicted to approval because I'm afraid.....I have overcome and then I've been overtaken. I have risen on the heights with Him and fallen to the depths of despair. I have been a vessel pouring Light into others and I have been a leaky vessel wondering where the Light has gone.

Well, this me...this ugly, sinful me is covered in Jesus Christ's robe of righteousness. With Him, I can go right up to Father God and boldly, humbly (how can this be?) ask for and receive Grace.

Yes, I am that woman who has been covered in Grace, it's red, you know, but it's washed me white as snow.

So, here I stand. At the crossroads. I've lived the Christian life for 30 years now, not all those years have I lived it well (please see above). But this year. This upcoming 2012. This is my year to acclaim the Lord and to walk in the light of His presence despite my fleshly failings. This is the year where I will consistently point everything back to Him and this little place is the place where I will learn to acclaim Him.

He's made me curly headed, of average height, a passionate worshiper, a learner of new things, a coffee lover, a wife, a mom, a home-teacher, a picture taker, a story keeper, and a friend. He knew what He was doing and I shall rest secure in Him.

Welcome to the journey. Let's walk in the Light of His presence together, shall we?