Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Musings

Monday Musings....rambles through the tangled files of my brain.....

.....marriage is hard, but oh so worth it.

.....meeting my children's needs, to develop them according to their bents and strengths is something I strive for and often fail at.

....feeling the need to be a deliberate goal setter so I don't go marching round the same bend again and again and again...

....tried out a natural homemade facial peel made of unflavored gelatin and milk: the verdict is still out...

....thinking of school starting and savoring the fewer demands on my time...

....wondering if the feeling of always being just on the edge of the 'inner circle' ever goes away

....wondering why that matters

...wishing for a retreat....a vanish from society for a while

....thinking hard about worship and what that means and looks like in a church setting not want people to equate God's presence with the quality of our music and type of music because where two or three are gathered he is in the midst. His presence is not dependent on music.

....wondering if we focus too much on the 'externals' of worship ie: music, song choice, instruments, tastes of music and fail to remember that it isn't about the music, but the state of our hearts before a holy God

....pondering justice and mercy meeting at the cross

....God is just: he requires a perfect sacrifice. he is perfect so he became the sacrifice

....God is merciful---not giving me what I deserve--death, separation, damnation--but because he is just and merciful--too seemingly incompatible ideas and fused them into one action--his death on the cross so I could be free to live in harmony, togetherness, unity, fellowship, with him.

....Oh how he loves.....

....rather smooth skin from my 'facial peel' and peel it certainly was...wowza!! ? of a messy, messy kitchen....

....thinking of friendships and wondering how to navigate my children through friendships

...aching over hurt child's feelings and wanting to step in and protect them, but knowing, knowing that this is really a God-given opportunity for teaching

...ready (I think) to take that leap into God's unknown and trust him to make the way firm

...always it comes back to this: surrender and trust.

Monday's Musings--quite the tangled ramble of all that is swirling and twirling in the noggin

Over and out.....

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