Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Every Woman

I look into the mirror and the reflection I see is 'every woman'. Every woman who has ever felt as though she is stuck in the middle. The middle of raising her children, the middle of her marriage, the middle of life.

I have been married for 16 years and a mother for 13. The beginning seems so far away and the end seems...well, it seems light years from here.  I lead a blessed life; no tragedies of death or divorce or affairs, no major psychological problems beyond the usual spaciness of trying to keep everything running when calendars and schedules cause an allergic reaction. My problems are run of the mill. An ordinary woman leading an ordinary life. Nothing to cause me to stand out from a crowd. Nothing that would catch people's attention. Nothing that would make people stop and listen. The ordinary life of every woman.

Yet not so ordinary because of Who I live for. This is what I need to remember when the 'ordinaries' take over. You see, I believe that God does use tragedies but we don't have to experience tragedies to be used and this is the message I want every woman to hear. I want every woman to hear this long and loud and let it sink deep in the heart soul. God uses people. Even the ordinary 'every woman'.

I want to be the voice of 'every woman' crying aloud that the ordinaries matter. The ordinaries are what weave life together. That life can be full with an ordinary life, that we don't have to go to hell and back in order to live life full and free and abundant. Ordinary every woman...God loves you and cares and plans abundance for you.

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  1. Jessica,

    I've only begun to get to know you, but already, I see you living out your words here. The John 10:10 truth of "life to the full" radiates from you, girl. Shine on, sister!

    ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee